Gold Trades in a Sideways Range

When we look at the chart above – 60 Minute Time Frame -, we will find Gold – XAUUSD –…

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Bitcoin Trades in a Sideway Range

In our previous technical analysis, we have indicated to 9,612.00 level as a resistance pivotal level where Bitcoin was able…

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Crude Oil – WTI – On an Upward Correction, But Could This Correction Turn to a Direction?

Last Monday, with the opening trades of this week, Crude Oil – WTI – was able to attract the attention…

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Bulls Ask When Will the Opportunity Come to Achieve Huge Returns?

Since the beginning of 2020, we had had a health crisis that seemed to many to be small, but soon…

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What is the Reason, Which Led to Cryptocurrency Market Decline Recently?

The Cryptocurrency Market was able to attract many market participants’ attention in the global markets since it was on an…

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Drives the Markets

Currently, we think that all the market participants are fully aware that Coronavirus (Covid-19) has become the main driver of…

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US Dollar Index -DXY- is Positive Above This Level

The US Dollar -DXY- still attracts investors and traders’ attention in the global Financial Markets, as it is trading close…

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What Are the Main Factors Have Led the US Dollar to Outperform Other Major Currencies Recently?

It seems that it is a strong beginning for the US Dollar against the other major currencies’ basket, as the…

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Where will the EUR / USD rebound levels be?

As all, we know the EUR/USD pair is one of the most traded pair around the world, and one from…

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3 Technical Things Will Help You Trade The EURUSD Pair On Medium and Short Term

Dear traders, Welcome to a new trading day, wishing all traders and investors in global financial and stock markets to…

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