Our Returns in Forex Markets 25 February 2021

We at succeeded in hunting US Dollar Index (DXY) bottom in February, and the tops of some major currencies in front of US Dollar.

We have done that successfully last September 2020 too.

The rebounding of US Dollar Index (DXY) 25 Feb 2021.

The Continuing of the Rebounding.

The Continuing of the Rebounding, and Building New Buy Position.

Selling EUR/USD Pair from its Highest Top in February.

Selling AUD/USD Pair from its Highest Top Since January 2018.

Selling NZD/USD Pair from its Highest Top Since July 2017.

Our Profits in January 2021 (%15 Net Profits).

Our Profits in February 2021 (%70 Net Profits).

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