Allddon Website is one of the leading websites around the world as it provides economic reports and technical analyses of financial and global & Arabic stock markets for its visitors and users around the world. Since the Website is created and launched on the Internet, it allows each user to create his personal account that enables him to use the Website by signing up and entering some required data such as (e-mail – personal name – country – phone number – and other data) in accordance with the law.

Accordingly, Website is responsible for protecting the data of users who signing up on it; besides, it is responsible for not sharing it with a third party as Allddon Website seeks to provide a safe work environment for the information and data of its users. However, Allddon Website has, solely, the right to use its users’ personal data and information as follows:

Contacting users.
Messaging users.
Sharing services, products, and materials with users.
Allddon  Website uses the “Cookies” policy.
Allddon Website users shall visit privacy policy page periodically to know the updates thereof.
Once a personal account is created on Allddon Website by signing up, such step shall be considered as an approval by the user of Allddon Website privacy policy.
Allddon Website users shall be liable and subject to Allddon Website privacy policy.