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Allddon Website is one of the global sources that provide text or visual materials or other materials monitor the transactions and news of the capital and stock markets to traders, investors, and all contributors of trading of financial and global & Arab stocks markets. Therefore, all materials published on Allddon Website are exclusively owned by Allddon Website and it shall not reproducible or useable in any way by any entity or any other party.

Allddon Website shall have the right to change and amend terms and conditions of usage policy according to necessity that meets interest of the Website and its users. Additionally, Allddon Website undertakes to publish such changes and amendments on the usage policy page; therefore, Allddon Website users shall visit usage policy page periodically to know the updates that may occur from time to time.

Allddon Website provides technical and fundamental analyses and economic reports based primarily on readings, experiences, analyses, viewpoints, expectations, and predictions of some of the elite economic and financial experts. Such readings, experiences, analyses, viewpoints, expectations, and predictions may be right and maybe not. Consequently, Allddon Website is not responsible for any results caused by such readings, experiences, analyses, viewpoints, expectations, and predictions, whether negative or positive, that may affect users of Allddon Website.

Allddon Website provides advertisement spaces on the Website to the financial brokerage firms. Accordingly, such spaces grants users of the Allddon Website the right to choose from the brokerage firms published on Allddon Website under their entire free will without any interference, whatsoever, by management of the Website. However, Allddon Website users shall search and enquire, by themselves, the licenses of the published firms and shall ensure the certification of the firms published on the Allddon Website in case they desire to open trading accounts and to deposit their money and investments in such firms. Therefore, Allddon Website waives liability of any communication or dealing of any kind and in any way between Allddon Website users and brokerage firms published on Allddon Website.

Allddon Website does not guarantee that availability continuity of the Website is permanent, that system is free from errors, that the Website is liable to mend such errors, that published materials are accurate and certified, and that the Website is free of viruses or malware. Allddon Website advises its users to show a sense of politeness and objectivity when writing comments on the Website and to avoid the following:
Written comments shall not express the opinion or policy of the Website but rather it shall express the opinion and viewpoint of writer thereof.
Advertising and marketing, in all forms, shall not be practiced.
Any external links, of any kinds, shall not be published.
Any public figures, institutions, firms, or any Allddon Website user shall not be opposed by abuse, encroachment, accusation, or any form of insult or encroachment.
Violence usage, killing, spreading sectarian strife, or any calls that may violate law, customs, or general traditions shall not be called for directly or indirectly.
Comments shall not be repeated more than once.
Comments shall be written only in Arabic and English.
Those who violate the above mentioned usage instructions of comments function may cause their membership to be banned by management of Allddon Website.
Once a personal account is created on Allddon Website, such step shall be considered as an approval by the user of Allddon Website usage policy.

Allddon Website provides its users the following email to report any misuse of the comments function by mentioning the abuser’s membership name, the comment, and page thereof: